Classes & Workshops

Acrylics A-Z : Lecture / Demo

A fun, fast paced overview of Golden acrylics: the 4 lines of paints(Heavy Body, High Flow, OPEN and fluids), interference and iridescent colors, modern vs mineral pigments, mediums to gels to pastes.
FREE, many new examples and free samples
April 23rd, Lakeshore Art Supplies, Sheboygan, Wi.
April 30th, Art Coop, Urbana, Il
May (TBD): American Academy, Chicago, Il
May ( TBD): Reinvent Gallery, Lake Forest, Il
June 6th, “Geezers”, Racine, Wisconsin
June: Whispering Woodlands, Wisconsin

June: WCA


Explore the amazing versatility of Acrylics.


Announcing monthly workshops , each covering a different
aspect of this versatile medium. From traditional glazing
and representational techniques to contemporary
“pushing the boundaries” using paint in unconventional ways.
Each workshop is self contained: all paints supplied,
some free samples , each artist will leave with an understanding
of process and materials, and at least one finished artwork.


202 East Wisconsin Avenue, Lake Forest


          – Image Transfers and Mixed Media: for painters and photographers
          – Inspired by Henry Darger: Carbon paper and watercolor collage
           -Painting on Plexi : playing with light and transparencies


Dandelion Gallery

            –Texture in Acrylics: techniques exploring gels and pastes. . .

              from simulating rust to texture in landscape 

            – Pushing boundaries: Acrylic paint skins and pours
            – Wet media: QoR watercolor and Golden acrylics on a variety of      
              grounds,papers, and textured backgrounds