My artwork describes a “sense of place,” cyclical and temporal impressions of both physical and metaphoric environments. Balancing on the cusp between representation and abstraction, I juxtapose direct observation /gesture with the layering of images of historic, literary, environmental and personal references.

Bodies of water, the geometry of nature, and “what lies beneath” are sometimes shown on their own or are combined with portraits of people, animals and plant life. I am also influenced by interdisciplinary insights:
my love of reading and my commitment to environmental sustainability (working at the Bronx Zoo and recent public artwork about preservation of animal habitats).

Other themes include: the ebb and flow of ecosystems, what is considered “treasure” and what is lost, what is resilient and cyclical and what can never be brought back again.

On a formal level my artwork is about movement, materials, rhythm , the play of light , and juxtaposing opaque textures with transparencies. With a strong belief in beginning with the gesture, I like compositions of natural geometry that unite layers of seemingly disparate images into my personal metamorphosis.